New Stormwater Modeling Software Makes Hydraulics & Hydrology Easy

Looking for easy-to-use stormwater modeling software? You’re in the right place.

Hydrology Studio is a suite of new-generation software for stormwater modeling. Use it for detention pond design, storm sewer design and analysis, open channel hydraulics, culvert modeling and a lot more. Buy them stand alone or as a bundle. A perfect choice for site development engineering.

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Detention Pond Design Software

Hydrology Studio

Detention Pond Design Software You'll Enjoy Using

Hydrology Studio uses an intuitive, on-screen watershed routing diagram that lets you point and click your way through pre- and post-development site designs and complex watersheds.

Create runoff hydrographs, combine, route and divert hydrographs. Interactive detention pond design. Best-in-class reports.

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Stormwater Studio

The Simpler Storm Sewer Design Software

Design, model or analyze complete storm sewer systems with a variety of HEC22 inlets and catch basins. It provides true energy-based HGL/EGL calculations; graphic-rich surface and profile plots, outstanding graphics and reporting. Agency-friendly. User friendly. 

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Storm sewer design software

Studio Express

Must-have Hydraulics and Hydrology Software

When you need answers fast, this is your go-to hydraulics and hydrology software. Model open channels, pipes, weirs, orifices and inlets…on the fly! Create runoff hydrographs and estimate required storages for detention ponds.

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Culvert Studio

Modern-day Culvert Modeling Software

Replace your outdated culvert design software with something new and far better. Culvert Studio offers a rich user experience with rock-solid, time-tested methodologies.

Model single-barrel crossings, multi-barrel culverts with a variety of shapes, sizes, slopes, inlet configurations and materials. Handles any flow regime with overtopping flow.

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open channel hydraulics

Channel Studio

Your Day-to-Day Open Channel Modeling Software

Channel Studio is software is an easy-to-use tool for performing hydraulic analysis on open channel systems.

Compute water surface profiles in any flow regime for any open channel including bridge structures, culvert crossings and inline weirs. Also performs bridge scour.

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Introducing the Hydrology Studio Suite

The Hydrology Studio Suite is a collection of five superb drainage design programs. It will streamline and standardize your stormwater design processes while adding a consistent professional look throughout your firm.

Why Use Hydrology Studio?

  • design-iconCreated with Sketch. Designed specifically for civil engineering firms, pros and startups, reviewers and educators
  • documented-iconCreated with Sketch. Rock-solid, time-tested, fully-documented stormwater calculation methods
  • licensing-iconCreated with Sketch. Available as a perpetual license or subscription
  • workflow-iconCreated with Sketch. Consistent stormwater design and analysis speeds up review approvals, builds trust
  • rocket-iconCreated with Sketch. Small learning curve. Familiar user interfaces improves efficiency and productivity
  • users-iconCreated with Sketch. Over 5,000 users in over 20 countries... and growing!

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