Experience a New Breed of Urban Stormwater Modeling Software

Are you wasting valuable time struggling with outdated stormwater software? Hydrology Studio and its companions are hands-down the most intuitive and easy-to-learn stormwater modeling tools available. All products are stand-alone and feature new and modern user interfaces. We essentially eliminated the maze of open windows, dialog boxes, endless pull-down menus and… complicated licensing.
Spend less time on guesswork. And do more great work. See why hundreds of other engineers have chosen Hydrology Studio for producing drainage studies. Hydrology Studio, Stormwater StudioCulvert Studio, Channel Studio and Studio Express were developed specifically for practicing civil engineers engaged in urban watershed modeling, detention pond design, storm sewer design and open channel modeling.

How is Hydrology Studio Better?

  • In a word… Simplicity. Our software was purpose-built for engineering professionals who need to produce high-quality drainage designs and associated deliverables without wasting time struggling with confusing work flows.
  • These programs are feature-rich; graphics rich; easy-to-learn; requiring no other software; fairly priced and updated often.
  • They employ rock-solid, time-tested, fully-documented calculation methods you can trust.
  • We’ve kept things just simple enough — something everyone appreciates about great software.
  • They’re ridiculously easy to use. You’ll pick them up in minutes, not hours, days or weeks.
  • They install on your PC with a single mouse click and are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and beyond. Built for the future.
  • Easy and simple licensing. They’re perpetual. They never expire. We take care of the details.
  • You’ll get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

“It’s deceiving to see such an artistic user interface and expect it to deliver scientific results – but that’s exactly what it does.”
Mark D. – Land Development Engineer

Detention Pond Design Software

Hydrology Studio $495.00

Faster, easier and more accurate drainage studies

Hydrology Studio uses an intuitive, on-screen routing diagram that lets you point and click your way through simple site developments and complex watersheds. Create runoff hydrographs, combine, route and divert hydrographs.

You’ll design detention ponds within minutes in three easy steps! Professional, agency-accepted reports with colorful, informative graphs are designed to impress anyone who sees them.




Stormwater Studio $495.00

It’s the way storm sewer design should be

You’re in good hands with Stormwater Studio at your fingertips. Using HEC-22 methodologies, it provides you with automated design & analysis capabilities; true energy-based HGL/EGL calculations; graphic-rich surface and profile plots; flexibility; speed and a feeling of confidence knowing you’re using an agency-friendly program. All at a price that makes Stormwater Studio as easy to buy as it is to use.



Culvert design software

Culvert Studio $295.00

A modern-day culvert modeling program

Replace your outdated culvert design software with something new and better. Culvert Studio offers a rich user experience with rock-solid, time-tested results. You can model single-barrel crossings, multi-barrel culverts with a variety of shapes, sizes, slopes, inlet configurations and materials. Flow regimes include subcritical and supercritical flow with hydraulic jumps and overtopping flow. Ease-of-use and high-end graphics are this program’s trademark.



Channel Studio $295.00

Open Channel Hydraulics for Civil Engineers

Channel Studio is software purposely designed to be an easy-to-use tool for performing day-to-day hydraulic analysis on open channel systems and floodways. Use Channel Studio to compute water surface profiles for any open channel including bridge structures, culvert crossings and inline weirs. Draw realistic river reaches directly on your map, add cross-sections and compute. Also performs bridge scour.


Culvert design software

Studio Express! $295.00

Hydraulics Calculator Tool

When you need answers fast, this is your go-to software. Model open channels, pipes, weirs, orifices and inlets…on the fly! Create runoff hydrographs and estimate required storages for detention ponds.

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