H & H Software for the Small Engineering Firm

You’ve Done It—You’ve Built Something Beautiful

A loyal client base. A talented team. Expertise that others count on.

It’s a huge accomplishment. But there are headwinds. Generating new business. Client satisfaction. Team productivity and utilization. Not to mention, putting out fires day to day.

Thanks to Hydrology Studio, you can have more consistency in your stormwater designs. You can streamline and standardize your processes, adding a consistent, professional look throughout your firm.

One more thing to be proud of… and one less thing to worry about.

Is Hydrology Studio Right for Your Firm?

Hydrology Studio is different. It’s not H & H software offered as a side-show to a bloated CAD platform. Instead, it’s exclusively designed for small independent firms like yours, who get paid for their time and expertise and who don’t get paid for having to learn and re-learn complicated drainage design software.

Cost, consistency, efficiency and most of all — expertise, rule.

That’s why we designed Hydrology Studio with simple, uniform user-interfaces across all products, with plenty of graphics to support the numbers, professional reporting and common sense licensing. If you’re still using a hodge-podge of outdated drainage design software, maybe it’s time to upgrade. Because if you think you need new software, you do.

Put Hydrology Studio on Your Team

Just imagine how much time you’ll save – and when time equals money, Hydrology Studio pays for itself many times over. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Software that’s dead simple to use, eliminates training
  • Consistent work flows and standardized designs
  • Software that has been designed around being productive
  • Flexible licenses offered as subscription or classic (perpetual)

We know your reputation is on the line when you bring something new to your organization—especially something that changes the way people work. That’s why we built Hydrology Studio to be intuitive, clear, and easy to use. Engineers immediately get it, they love using it, and they’ll love you for choosing it. We promise!

Hydrology Studio Can Improve Your Business