RainMaps™ for Hydrology Studio Suite

Click on a state to download ready-to-use, NOAA Atlas 14 Precipitation (.pcp) and IDF curve (.idf) files

Frequently Asked Questions

RainMaps™ contains rainfall files you would normally set-up in Hydrology Studio either by direct entry of data or importing from NOAA Atlas 14. We’ve taken all of the steps required to create these files so you won’t have to. And they are available with just a couple of mouse-clicks.

Click on your state in the map shown on this page. This loads a larger map of the state that includes the available cities. Then click on the city closest to your project area. Click the Precipitation button to download the precipitation (.pcp) file. Click the IDF Curves button to download the IDF curves (.idf) file.

These files will typically be saved to your Downloads folder. We recommend moving them to your dedicated Rainfall folder.

These are ready-to-use files that you can then Open in the Rainfall Wizard in any of the Hydrology Studio products. No need to enter any raw data or import from NOAA Atlas 14. 

We selected hundreds of cities across the U.S. with a population greater than 50,000. We then extracted the precipitation and intensity data for each city directly from NOAA Atlas 14 Precipitation Frequency Data Server. This data was then imported into Hydrology Studio and processed to create the final IDF Curves (.idf) and Precipitation tables (.pcp). These are ready-to-use files for which you can open in your software. No need to import or manually enter any data. 

What’s more is that your Rational Method and NRCS hydrographs will be created using the latest hydrometeorological data.

Yes. These can be downloaded and opened in Hydrology Studio, Stormwater Studio, Culvert Studio and Studio Express.