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The Hydrology Studio Suite

All the stormwater modeling tools you’ll need. Consistent workflows add professionalism to your work. Highly recommended for site development.


One-time payment


Hydrology Studio


One-time payment


Start producing higher quality drainage designs with Hydrology Studio. You’ll perform pre- and post-development drainage studies faster than before. Buy it as stand-alone or bundle it with the Suite.

Stormwater Studio


One-time payment


Offers a modern user-interface with time-tested methodologies you can trust. Integrate it with your existing CAD software. Agency-friendly. Buy it as stand-alone or bundle it with the Suite.

Culvert Studio


One-time payment


Replace your outdated culvert design software with something new. Model culverts with various shapes, sizes, slopes, inlet configurations and materials. Buy it stand-alone or bundled with the Suite.

Channel Studio


One-time payment


Open channel modeling software with an outstanding user-interface. Models channels, bridges, bridge scour, culverts and inline weir structures. Buy it stand-alone or bundled with the Suite.

Studio Express


One-time payment


Calculates everything you need, when you need it. Channels, Pipes, Weirs, Orifices, Inlets, Runoff Hydrographs, Detention Pond Sizing and a lot more. Buy it stand-alone or bundle it with the Suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Subscription license has a significant lower up-front cost with a low annual fee to keep the software active. It automatically renews each year until you cancel. You’ll get automatic software updates and free technical support. You will always have the latest version. 

The Perpetual license is a one-time cost and you will own the software forever as it never expires and includes automatic software updates. Adding the optional Annual Maintenance at check-out provides you with technical support, just like the Subscription license. The Annual Maintenance is a single flat fee of $99 per year, until cancelled. 

Both licenses are on-premise installations. The software installs and runs on your computer, not on the Internet. Your data files will always remain intact, on-premise, on your computers, even if your Subscription expires.

So which is right for you?

That’s entirely up to you. Some buyers prefer to blend the subscription cost into their annual operating budget. Others prefer to pay it up front. The break-even point is about three years. 

Yes. The Single-Seat License allows you to install and use your software on up to two of your devices. For example, you can use it on your work computer and on your personal computer at home or a laptop.

The Five-Seat Bundle provides you with five (5) individual seats that can be installed and activated simultaneously. They can be used on multiple computers, anytime, anywhere.

The Five-Seat Bundle offers a tremendous cost savings and is an excellent choice for firms with multiple offices and/or work-at-home employees who need unrestricted access to the software. See, “Flexible Licensing” below for additional cost-saving benefits.

All Hydrology Studio software includes a built-in floating (network) license server that allows you to move licenses from one computer to another with just three mouse clicks. Your software can be installed on as many devices as you want, but you can only use it simultaneously up to the number of seats purchased. (Two for the Single-Seat or up to five with the 5-Seat Bundle).

For example, if you purchased a Single Seat License but have 4 users, all users have access, but only 2 can use the software simultaneously. At any time, you can simply log-out from any one of the installs and log-in on another computer; in a branch office, at home, a laptop, or on a new computer for example.

This is easily accomplished right in your software and comes standard with Subscription and Perpetual licenses.

The Trial versions have some minor functional limitations. For example, you will not be able to save any of your project files. All printed reports will be watermarked. There may also be limits on inputs. However, you will certainly be able to give them a good test run. There is no time limit.

No, it’s on-premise. All you need is an internet connection to download/install it and to activate/deactivate it. After that, no internet connection is needed.

You’re in good company. There are over 5,000 users of this software. Mainly in the domestic USA, but also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Romania, Philippines, South Korea, Chile, Italy, the Netherlands and India.

Here’s the breakdown:

45% Consulting civil engineering firms
40% Self-employed professionals and firm startups
10% Government (City, County, State)
5% Education (Colleges, Universities)

Here’s what our users have to say about Hydrology Studio.

We typically produce an update on one of products about every three months while keeping a keen eye on usability and bloat.

Our online store is fully automated and runs 24/7, so you will receive your activation codes instantly. No wait times. Your Account page will populate with your new License Keys and Purchase History for which you can access anytime. 

They are automatic. Your software checks for new updates each time it’s launched. If one is available, you will be prompted to update. Just click [Ok] and seconds later your software will start as usual, but will be the latest version. Details of the new version(s) are listed in Updates and Release History in the Help.

Installation is a piece of cake. Just click on any of the “Download/Install Free Trial” links throughout this website. After that, just click the [Install] button for the software you want to use. 

The software will then automatically download and install itself… takes only seconds. You’ll see a new shortcut icon on your desktop and you’ll be ready to run the software. The initial install will be the Trial version. A purchased License Key unlocks the Trial into the full version.

Stormwater Studio and Culvert Studio trials will automatically open with a sample project for you to play around with.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, checks and PayPal. Need an invoice first? Just contact us and we’ll prepare one for you.

Yes. All of our software functions in both U.S. Customary and metric (SI) units.

Yes. It actually runs a little faster on Windows 11.

Absolutely! Older hydraulics & hydrology software struggle on high definition (4k) monitors. Our software is device independent, scales correctly and looks beautiful on any display, especially 4K monitors.