The Hydrology Studio Suite streamlines productivity, standardizes design processes and adds a consistent professional look to your work.


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  • We have been using Hydrology Studio for almost 2 years at this point and they have a customer for life.
    The software that comes bundled is outstanding and is simple to use. Their staff is very knowledgeable and is always willing to answer questions. They have videos on how to use their software which gets you up and running quickly.
    We received a comment from a regulatory agency and the software developer incorporated the agencies comment into their product. OUTSTANDING COMPANY, PRODUCT, AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  • Great Software

    I’ve been using Stormwater Studio along with Autodesk Civil 3D to import pipe networks and analyze them and print reports. Reports are easy to modify to your liking. Hydrology Studio is also easy to use, in both programs rainfall data is easy to set up for different locations. The other nice thing about the programs, they are constantly being updated with new additional features. I am very happy using the Hydrology Studio suite.

  • Great Software

    East to use and very practical. Keep up the great work!

  • Valuable software

    As more of a casual user these days, I find that the software is capable of doing much more than I need it to, as my design work is limited to piping network designs and retrofitting existing basins. My only extremely minor gripe is that I can sometimes get lost in all the capabilities when I just want to do something simple, but that is on me, not the software.

  • Perfect For Our Operation

    I bought this program to size smaller stream crossing structures like round culverts and arches. I find the software very easy to use and I include the hydraulic reports in our project plans. The reports do an excellent job to demonstrate the planned hydraulic capacity and they are so easy to produce that I even include one for the current structure for dramatic effect (it shows a tidal wave of water flowing over the road, fun!). We use other methods to come up with design flows, but there is an option to use the rational method to derive expected flows (generally over-estimates, but in the engineering world I guess that's not a bad thing!).

  • Great Product

    I have been using Hydrology Studio for last 2-3 years and I am very impressed with the ease of use, user interface of this program. You can print out professional looking reports and they've got very good customer service. And all this you can get at a very reasonable price.

    Thanks a lot to the Hydrology Studio Team.

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