Stormwater Studio offers a modern user-interface with time-tested methodologies you can trust. Get true, energy-based HGL/EGL calculations and graphic rich Plan, Surface and Profile plots.


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  • Nice report presentations

    I enjoyed using the software once I solved how to use it. I wish there was more example tutorials to describe how to initially set up pipes, areas, etc. in the the project, but in the absence of these, I was able to just click on the different nodes and intuitively figure out how the data is to be entered. I like how once you set elevations for one end of a pipe, the software automatically locks that elevation in so you don’t need to fill it in for the next pipe segment. I also like the highlight feature when you compute the network and it will show you where any pipes may be out of spec for slope or velocity. The software automatically and instantly computes a plethora of quantities you can evaluate which otherwise take forever to calc by hand, so you can quickly adjust a pipe slope or diameter and see the revised performance of the network.

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