Routing Interconnected Ponds

Should you or shouldn't you?

Occasionally you will be faced with the question, “Should I use the Interconnected Pond” feature for this?” To my surprise, many of our users answer, “Yes” when they should be answering “No”.  Interconnected ponds are two or more detention ponds that are hydraulically connected to each other. There’s typically an upper or upstream pond whose… Read More

Chart Tales

The stage-discharge curve explained

One of my favorite features of Hydrology Studio’s detention pond design is its charting abilities. But there’s one chart that reminds me of a smart phone. It does everything. In fact, so much that it can be overwhelming. It’s the Stage-Discharge chart for  a multistage discharge structure configured like this: This structure contains a culvert… Read More

What is WPF?

It's what's behind Hydrology Studio's cool looks

By now you’ve seen some of the marketing hype surrounding Hydrology Studio and its use of Windows Presentation Foundation. We’ll call it WPF for short. Hopefully your curiosity is the reason you’re about to read this blog post. Don’t think WPF is unique to Hydrology Studio. Most modern-day programs use this platform. But the hydraulics… Read More

How to Design a Detention Pond

A Step-by-Step Approach If you’re a newbie to hydraulics & hydrology then you’re in a good place right now. This blog is about how to design a detention pond outlet device without pulling your hair out. I can tell you first-hand, there are a lot of moving parts to a detention pond. Not just the… Read More

The Origin of Manning’s Equation

How an unemployed accountant changed civil engineering

Ever wonder about the origin of Manning’s equation? Well, even if you haven’t it’s still interesting. This well-known equation achieved its notoriety in a way parallel to many other things in our modern consumer society. Through what some may call typical but accidental word-of-mouth marketing techniques. But not by its inventor. The equation was named… Read More

The Rational Method

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

This is one of those “I got to get something off my chest” blog posts. It’s about the Rational method. Before you start, imagine the theme song from Clint Eastwood’s film, “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” playing in the background. Being a hydrology software developer has some cool and interesting perks. One being is… Read More